John K-ay Films is an Independent Film Production Company, Found by John K-ay in 2009, an African-Australian Creative Actor, Producer, Director and writer. We work with Local and International actors to bring our education, inspirting films to our worldwide audience. Our passion and dedication to storytelling drives us to produce great films that inspire, give hope to our generation, and motivate people to achieve their dreams and realize their potential to the fullest possible extent. We want to show them that with persistence, determination and hard work; any limitation can be subdued. Our films also embody diversity through collaboration, harmony and tolerance. This


we have achieved by making six power-packed films entitled:
‘Last tears.’ (2011) | | ‘Nothing is impossible.’ (2012) | | ‘Dad's fault.’ (2013) | | ‘Restoring Hope’ (2015) | | ‘Silent sufferers’ (2015) | | ‘Irreversible Choices’ (2016) Currently licensed to ​IROKOTV​. | | Cop’s Enemy 2017 - 2019 Currently Licensed to MPTV. "Awards Winning Short Film "Our Differences 2018". 

Upcoming Films : 

Rose's Pain - in Production 2020 Australia 

Issarina : in Production 2020 Nigeria 

Actors email info@Johnkayfilms to register Interests in being part of our everyday growing Family 


Email us at info@Johnkayfilms.com

ABN: 76 406 540 522



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